If I were a Japanese high school student… Become a student for a day! Welcome to the Traditional Rural Japanese School Experience.
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You are at 'Kimino High School,'
a small school commonly known as
'Your High School,'
located deep in the mountains of Chiba.

You will find the good old culture
of Japan here.
Become one of the students in
Kimino High School
and experience the morning homeroom,
class leader, cleaning duty, school lunch, various cultural classes,
and graduation ceremony with the teachers with colorful characters.

Enjoy exciting experiences of Japanese culture, manners, and spring of life.

About Japanese School Experience

Discover the charm of traditional countryside school life in Japan!

Come and experience a unique one-day school program set in a former school building.
Dress up in school uniforms like "Gakuran" and "Sailor Fuku" and immerse yourself in various cultural activities such as calligraphy, sports festivals, and school lunches.
Explore the principles of Japanese education that foster autonomy and cooperation.
This program is designed for visitors from overseas and is conducted in English.
Of course, Japanese participants are also more than welcome!

  • A man in a street clothes

    Experience Japanese Culture and Acquire New Skills

    Our program encapsulates the essence of Japanese education and tradition, allowing you to immerse yourself in the school culture with activities like homeroom, lunchtime, and a graduation ceremony. But that's not all – you'll also get hands-on lessons in calligraphy, music, and sports, broadening your understanding of Japan's culture and expanding your skill set.

  • People taking classes

    Picture-Perfect Moments Everywhere!

    Capture picture-perfect moments as you try on various outfits like sailor uniforms, school uniforms, and more. From gym class in jerseys to preparing meals in chef's wear, you'll feel like you're living a true Japanese school life, with plenty of opportunities for Insta-worthy shots to create lasting memories of your time in Japan.

  • School hallway

    Where Reality and Future Intersect
    - Experiential Learning in a Closed School

    By repurposing a closed school space, we contribute to revitalizing the local community and tackling the challenges of population decline and rural depopulation in Japan. It's a chance to confront present realities, contemplate local issues together, and explore potential solutions: all in an incredibly fun way!
    After participating in this meaningful journey, you'll receive a special graduation certificate, symbolizing your commitment to embracing rural charm, understanding current realities, and contributing to shaping a more sustainable future. So, what are you waiting for? Join us on this unforgettable adventure – a stepping stone to new horizons and a celebration of Japanese culture and education!

School Snapshot Collection

Discover the charm of traditional countryside school life in Japan!

Reservations can be made through
the following three websites.

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  • Calligraphy

    One of Japan's oldest traditional arts.
    Experience writing beautiful kanji characters and learn to express yourself in a new, unique way.

  • Undokai

    Japan's incredible Sports Day!
    Join the fun-filled festivities, where traditional games and friendly competitions bring people of all ages together in a joyful celebration of culture, teamwork, and unity.

  • School Lunch

    Immerse yourself in the authentic experience of a rural Japanese school lunch.
    Put on a traditional cooking apron and partake in the unique experience of serving meals to your classmates.
    Then, enjoy a balanced, healthy meal in good company.

  • Cleaning duty

    In Japanese schools, students are responsible for the cleaning!
    This is part of an educational policy that aims to foster teamwork, teach skills, and instill in students a sense of responsibility.

Daily schedule

  • 10:30


    Registration and changing into
    school uniforms

  • 11:00


    School start ~ Homeroom

  • 11:45


    1st period: Japanese Language

  • 12:40


    2nd period: Japanese School

  • 13:30


    3rd period: Japanese History

  • 14:50


    4th period: Physical Education

  • 15:10


    5th period: Student-led School
    Cleaning Activity

  • 15:40


    Graduation Ceremony

  • 16:30


    After school (MATSURI)​

  • 17:30



After School

MATSURI (TAIKO drumming experience, traditional Japanese festival, traditional Japanese snacks, etc.)"

  • classroom
  • Japanese calligraphy
  • A man playing the piano
  • serve matcha
  • school cap

After School

MATSURI (TAIKO drumming experience, traditional Japanese festival, traditional Japanese snacks, etc.)"

  • During the day, there will be fire drill exercises. When the alarm rings,
    please follow the instructions.
  • Naughty students from other schools may come into your school.
  • Students who forget their homework should stand in the hallway.


  • Ms. Sakura Kisaki

    She had an aspiration to become a teacher since she watched a TV show about Japanese school life in her childhood.
    She works hard everyday to be a teacher who can guide students in their lives.

  • Ms. Rukia Kikuchi

    Longing for the bond between master and pupil described in anime, she started her teacher life in Kimino High School to be a teacher that students look up to.
    Her strong craze about anime sometimes makes her say lines from anime during the class.

  • Mr. Rokuro Kinjo

    An experienced teacher with 40 years of teaching experience. After spending so many years with a number of students, he was assigned to Kimino High School to seek new environments.
    Under his life theme to deliver classes with heart, he has many pupils all over Japan.

  • Mr. Kenichi Takayama

    He loves superhero television series and became a teacher with the aspiration to be a teacher like a superhero himself.
    He protects the peace of Kimino High School students with passion in his heart.

  • Mr. Hideo Onishima

    He used to be a school gang, but the memory of his mentor who led him to take the right path moved him to become a teacher.
    He has a strong sense of justice and sincerely faces his students.

  • Ms. Shizuka Morizono

    Her parents are teachers, and she got the genes.
    Being influenced by the people who were proud of their countries when she was studying abroad, she also wanted to spread Japanese culture and came to Your High School.


One person
30,000JPY per time

(A limit of 30 people)


  • Rural Japanese School
  • Experience
  • Japanese School Lunch

◆ Option

  • Free shuttle service
  • (1) 8:30 am Shinjuku Station→
    Kimino High School
  • (2) 5:30 pm Kimino High School→
    Shinjuku Station
  • (3) 5:30 pm Kimino High School→
    Kameyama Onsen Hotel


  • People chatting around a bonfire

    Camp Camping night

    After immersing yourself in the school experience, spend the night camping at the unique, abandoned school campsite, CAMPiece Kimitsu. This is an adventure highly recommended for those who love the outdoors. We ensure a delicious BBQ feast, prepared with fresh local ingredients and the finest Wagyu beef. As night falls, the star-studded sky and the soothing glow of the bonfire craft a serene atmosphere, offering a tranquil escape from the city's hustle and bustle.

    • Price
      camping accommodation
      1person 5,400JPY~
  • hot spring

    goodwill Stay at hot spring inn

    After your program, retreat to the local hot spring inn and unwind in a traditional yukata. With special plans available at the Kameyama Onsen Hotel, your stay promises to be both relaxing and rejuvenating.

    • Price
      Overnight stay at Kameyama Onsen Hotel (no meals)
      1person 13,200JPY~
      Kameyama Onsen Hotel (breakfast and dinner included)
      1person 20,900JPY~
  • Japanese ric

    Japanese ric Sake tasting corner

    Dive into a world of rich flavors with locally brewed sake in Kimitsu City. Delight in the uniqueness of our local brews and experience the exceptional quality of our sakes, celebrated and acclaimed worldwide.

  • school satchel

    school satchel Original Merchandise

    Our program offers more than just original goods. You'll also find items that capture the essence of Japanese school life, like school bags, gym uniforms, and recorders. Each item is a keepsake, a memory of your Japanese experience that you can cherish at home.

Discover the charm of traditional countryside school life in Japan!

Reservations can be made through
the following three websites.

  • activityjapan
  • Rakuten Travel
  • getyourguide


Former Kameyama Junior High School

Former Kameyama Junior High School(CAMPiece Kimitsu)

223-1 Sakahata, Kimitsu-shi, Chiba, JapanGoogle Maps

  • By Car

    Approximately 50 minutes from Haneda Airport, 80 minutes from Narita Airport
    Approximately 30 minutes from Kimitsu IC on the Tateyama Expressway

  • By Public Transportation

    From Kimitsu Station, take the JR Kururi Line for about 70 minutes making sure to enjoy the scenic view along the local train route.
    Approximately 1 km from JR Kazusa Kameyama Station Station (12 minutes on foot).


  • Q

    Do you accept groups of more than 30 people?


    Yes, we can take the reservation as a private camp.

  • Q

    Do you offer the camp on weekdays?


    Yes, we can arrange a camp for more than 10 people.

  • Q

    Do you provide support in other languages except Japanese and English?


    We only provide the service in Japanese and English. For other languages, the support will be translation machine based.

  • Q

    Do you have special meals for those who have allergy or halal?


    We are afraid we cannot provide a special menu.

  • Q

    What happens in case of rainy weather?


    All the programs will take place indoors, so rain does not cause the camp to be canceled.

  • Q

    Do you have a parking lot?


    Yes, we have plenty of spaces for car parking.

  • Q

    Do you offer transportation service?


    Yes, we offer a free transportation service between Shinjuku Station (in Tokyo) and Kimino High School(CAMPiece Kimitsu).